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It's the day of the big "fight" between Tyrnon and Francis, but before that can happen, there are some final details to arrange with Jonathan the event coordinator, and of course, Nina has to tell Tyrnon about the good news regarding William.
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Nina, William and Francis return to the campsite, leaving poor Tyrnon alone in the Arena dungeon, and Nina decides it's finally time to come clean about her phony amulet.
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Nina and Tyrnon have a plan for getting out of town safe and rich, but now they have to convince Francis and William. And just why did Tyrnon follow them into town anyway?

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A brand new 1 minute promo for Nina Kimberly the Merciless! Play it everywhere!
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Nina has to think quickly when Tyrnon rampages through the city square, pursued by glory-seeking knights. And where are William and Francis?
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