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Nina Kimberly Teaser - A quick teaser narrated by Scott Fletcher
Nina Kimberly Tour - A brief audio tour of some locations from the story.
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Question and Answer Show
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New Promo for Nina Kimberly the Merciless Brand New promo for Nina Kimberly the Merciless.
(New version, now compatible with Flash Players)
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It's finally here, the Nina Kimberly Question and Answer Show!
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The Conclusion.
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It's a showdown, with the fate of the Uhks at stake.

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Thanks to Tyrnon's now-healed wings, he, Nina and Francis are off as the dragon flies, headed to the Oriland to stop a war.
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Nina awakes from the surreal healing spell to new answers, and new questions...
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It's a showdown between William and Tyrnon, and Nina rushes in to help, but... help who?
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At long last...

Following their con in Korstahl, Nina, William, and Francis head North once again, but the mysterious dragon tracks near their campsite suggest that Tyrnon isn't gone for good, and just what will they find when they reach the wizard?
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Nina, William and Francis travel North, but why should they PAY for cold-weather gear like suckers when they can "convince" someone to do it for them?
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